Women Working Together

by BMBC and Holland House Mexico

The BMBC and Holland House Mexico organized the “Women Working Together” event, celebrating female leaders from all generations 👩‍💼. The event consisted of interesting talks and fruitful discussions on how to achieve better cooperation between different generations on the work floor.

Conversations were held about the challenges that women face in businesses and attendees got the chance to talk about their experiences and practices on how to better handle generational gaps in businesses, resulting in enthusiastic and appreciative conversations 🖥💼. 

We want to thank our three outstanding speakers who attended the event to talk about their expertise: Carmen Ayza Merino (Organon), Andrea Sánchez Mercado (Grupo Modelo) and Begoña Irigoyen (Shell). We truly believe that every participant went home with lots of ideas based on the shared experiences 🤝. Further, we want to thank all the attendees for their active participation, engaging dialogue and meaningful connections.

Lastly, we want to thank our two BMBC sponsors L'atelier de Cuisine By Chef Gil Vienne’ and RÉÉ™ CoffeeOriginals | Café de Origen Único, for their support to this event with delicious breakfast and coffee ☕ 🥐. We also want to thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico for their support and for giving us a beautiful place to host this event.

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