New Member for the BMBC daily team

My name is Ines Carette, and I'm originally from Brussels. In 2022, I graduated with a master’s degree in Business Engineering from Solvay Brussels School. Following that, I began working as a consultant specialized in strategy execution and change management.

I am honoured and thrilled to assume responsibilities for the Belgian Mexican Business Chamber in Guadalajara / Monterrey as an Office Manager. My first encounter with the city was during my exchange at TEC de Monterrey. Guadalajara is dynamic, pleasant, and steeped in culture and history, making it a genuine pleasure to reside here.

I am enthusiastic about contributing to the BMBC community, fostering new partnerships, and continuing the commendable efforts of the BMBC team. The gears are in motion, and now is the time to propel it forward. Embracing this significant challenge, I am eager to work alongside the BMBC team.

Prior to the opportunity to meet you in person, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile Inès Carette

In the forthcoming months, we anticipate a plethora of opportunities, discoveries, and events. I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead.

Best regards,
Inès Carette

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