Mammo Event with Barco and Agfa

On 27 September 2023, BMBC members were invited to the MAMMO Expert event organized by Belgian companies Barco and Agfa. To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, a panel of 10 doctors attended the event to speak about breast cancer and the treatments for the disease. 

This second edition of MAMMO Expert consisted of three workshops. 

In the first workshop, the doctors and attendees would receive a question or statement to which they could share their thoughts with everyone in the circle. Topics about the treatment, pain or symptoms were discussed here with each other.

The second workshop was a presentation about the technology that is used to detect and prevent breast cancer. The main thing shown here was the breast imaging display designed by Barco. The presenters showed and explained how the technology works and the benefits that come from it.

The last activity was a candle workshop with the theme ‘Illuminating Breast Cancer’. Everyone received a rose candle which they could decorate with crystals and rose pallets, which will bring good luck in your life. 

This was a successful second edition of the MAMMO Expert event. We want to thank Barco and Agfa for organizing this inspiring event and for inviting the BMBC.

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